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99 balloons for Elliot  

April 14, 2008

Elliot Hartman Mooney is suffering from a disease trisomy 18 or commonly called edward's syndrome. This video was taken two months before elliot is born. The doctor said that most likely he won't make it to birth. and he was their first child. They celebrate his birthday at 4:59 everyday, the time he was born. He was connected to some tubes in order for him to survive and fed every three hours and that takes an hour and a half with his parents take turns with feeding schedules.

This movie clip touched my heart. It made me shed tears seeing all the sacrifices, care and love of Elliot's parents for him. Truly, a parent's love incomparable and has no limits. God is showing His love in mysterious ways. and having Elliot was a miracle and a grace from God's love.. Elliot will always be remembered by the people who loves him and now that he's with Jesus in heaven, i know he will always be happy up there... :)

-JOB 1:21

This video video was passed to me last friday (April 11, 2008) from a friend but I only received on the afternoon of the next day.


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