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107 Year Old Bulb Still Shining Brightly  

May 20, 2008

LIVERMORE, Calif.,– A 107-year-old light bulb in California has been deemed by Guinness World Records and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the word’s longest-ever burning bulb.

The low-watt rarity has been burning nonstop in the Livermore, Calif., Station No. 6 firehouse since 1901, the Los Angles Times reported Monday.

“This fragile thing that wasn’t meant to last has outlived the company that made it, people who first screwed it in, people who have written about it and who have kept watch over it,” said Edward Meyer of Ripley Entertainment.

The bulb even has its own web-cam and a Web site named centennialbulb.org, which is viewed a million times each year, the Times said.

It is reported many people think the bulb has burned so long because it is never switched off.


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